Stylite – Connecting micro influencers to brands

The situation

Stylite connects influencers to brands within a geo-localised marketplace on iOS. With Stylite, users can learn about local products and businesses that are being endorsed by local influencers on a social newsfeed.

User feedback within the app enables users to rate brands and influencers in the marketplace. On the seller side of marketplace, business owners can connect directly with local influencers in their niche. On the flip side, influencers can connect with local brands and endorse their products.

Brands, influencers and users are colocated within close proximity of one another, driving the development of valuable connections in the app’s relationship economy.

Services used

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand Messaging, UX + Visual Design, Front End Development Marketing & Activation

In the startup world, execution is paramount to the success of any venture. Ideas are worthless without it. Conor has delivered unparalleled creative imagination for Stylite. As the UI/UX architect, he took raw, conceptual ideas and crafted them into functioning, seamless designs. His prescience to create fluid, dynamic compositions that scale was key to the successful launch of our fledgling company. He was attentive to my concerns as a founder and continues to meet key deliverables on time, at every milestone.

Johnathan Croom – CEO Stylite


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