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Ohi is a “a tech-first platform that flips traditional warehousing on its head,” using micro-warehousing to make same and next day deliveries for a fraction of the current cost.

My task was to create a brand that would embody the spirit of the startup. The original concept for the Ohi brand was a direct-to-consumer food delivery app which delivered fresh food to consumers, delivered within 20 to 30 minutes of the order. To capture the company’s evolution, the challenge was to transform the initial brand identity into something bigger.


I built the Ohi brand around curiosity and exploration, and infused this mission into everything; flowing logotype, dynamic packaging, immersive website, brand driven presentations and rich marketing. Beginning in 2017, my task was to deliver a dynamic brand experience to a young, tech-savy audience, while showcasing the startup’s ability to deliver sustainable, same-day delivery to consumers.


  • Created the clickable prototype used to secure $80K in pre-seed funding.
  • Company secured $2.75M in seed funding mid 2019.

Services used

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand Messaging, UX + Visual Design, Front End Development Photography, Marketing & Activation, Industrial Design, Packaging Design


The logo

The geometry references the company’s three sided network; distributed micro-warehousing, the gig marketplace and lastly, the data layer that manages it all.

Building the product

At their highest levels, hypotheses can seem daunting. Where do you begin? Where do you test first? To assemble the building blocks, I decided to focus on what users needed and the type of features I believed would work; based on assumed primary user requirements.

The result was a functional prototype which allowed the user to manage inventory, read the status of orders, then correlate this data to the interactive map. The prototype validated technical scope early on, helped obtain pre-seed investment and even more crucially, established a vision for the product.

Complimentary architecture

I designed a variety of generative graphics that would complement one another, driving brand association through analogy. At the baseline, creating components that interlinked through form opened the door for infinite use cases. The visual language and messaging framework are inspired by emotional impact as well as the physical.


Conor is an extremely proficient & talented UX Designer who has a wealth of experience in product design & development. He brilliantly understood our goals and delivered best-in-class scalable solutions that we are still profiting from. He was always willing to go the extra mile to meet our tight deadlines.

Ben Jones – CEO & Founder of Ohi




I’m available for UX & Branding projects