Ohi is a New York-based startup repurposing empty retail space to get online shoppers close to their goods. Ohi is a “a tech-first platform that flips traditional warehousing on its head,” using micro-warehousing to make same and next day deliveries for a fraction of the current cost.


I built the Ohi brand around curiosity and exploration, and infused this mission into everything; flowing logotype, dynamic packaging, immersive product & website, brand driven presentations and rich marketing.

Product Pilot

Pilot Outcome

Ohi launched the first iteration of its product in London, during the summer of 2016. The concept for the product was to deliver food to commuters on the move in London’s busy underground. The pilot validated customer need for distributed warehousing colocated to end-consumers to drive faster delivery, leading the company to where it is today.

Client Inventory Dashboard

Getting Started

The clickable prototype validated founder vision and customer need early-on, fulfilling investment requirements and enabling the company to secure pre-seed funding.

The Client Dashboard

The result was a client dashboard that allowed the user to manage inventory, read the status of orders and relate all this data back to the interactive map feature. The prototype validated technical scope early on, helped obtain pre-seed investment and even more crucially, established a vision for the product.

Client Testimonial

”Conor is a proficient & talented UX Designer who has a wealth of experience in product design & development, he brilliantly understood our goals and delivered best-in-class scalable solutions that we are still profiting from. He was always willing to go the extra mile to meet our tight deadlines, and I’d certainly recommend him to others.”

Ben J. – CEO & Founder of Ohi Technologies


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